Skin Care

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Wild Orchid Signature Facial

A total care facial treatment customized to your skins specific needs, balances and restores your body and mind.

75.00- and up

Outer Peace Acne Relief treatment

a skincare four-step regimen that has a 92% success rate in four weeks. This is achieved by a combination of treatments. The Outer Peace facial will start with a cleanse, along with deep exfoliation to clean pores, followed by the cooling masque to reduce redness, irritation, and oil production. Using this system every morning and evening along with treatments every two weeks for the first six weeks will give you maximum results. This facial is extremely effective for ten acne and also adult acne conditions.

95.00- and up

Green Science Skin Renewing Treatment

This unique rejuvenating facial experience harnesses a powerful high-tech plant technology to renew, repair and regenerate skin. Lifts and firms, reduces lines and wrinkles, improves skin smoothness, tone and clarity through lymphatic massage and Avedas perfecting plant peel. The plant peel offers the same results as a 30% glycolic peel but without the harsh irritation.

110.00- and up

Embrightment Discoloration Treatment

is designed to minimize the appearance of dark spots and discoloration caused by hyper pigmentation. The unique application method and massage technique aid in the penetration of the highly effective Embrightment products, increasing circulation to support healthy skin function. This treatment will help to achieve an even skin tone and overall luminosity.

100.00- and up